So how do our daily deals on SaveRightNow work?


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Quick Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get my business featured on
It’s easy!  Click the link below for more information on how to reach our 40,000+ subscribers!

How much is it to join SaveRightNow and get the Daily Deal?

To join SaveRightNow and get the Daily Deals emails, it will cost you ZERO dollars and ZERO cents. By joining you are just guaranteeing that you get updated on the Daily Deals as they happen so you don’t miss a thing.

I like today’s Daily Deal. How do I get it?
Simply click “Buy It Now” before the offer expires. (You’ll know how much time is left by the handy countdown timer!) As soon as you purchase, we will email you a link to sign in and print your voucher – but you can always login directly to your account with and access your vouchers 24 hours per day from any computer or smartphone in the world!

I bought a Daily Deal – how do I redeem it?
Your Daily Deal voucher will have all the redemption terms and conditions detail, merchant contact information and a handy map to point you in the right direction. Basically you just need to either print your voucher and show it to the merchant – or if you have a capable smartphone, you can simply show it from your device!

Do I have to use my Daily Deal voucher the same day I receive it?
No, you can use your vouchers anytime before they expire. Each Daily Deal will include the terms of redemption and will clearly display the expiration date. Most Daily Deals are valid for several months from the date of purchase, but why wait? Get out there and be a Daily Deal in your town!

Can I purchase a Daily Deal to give as a gift?
Sure! SaveRightNow is all about giving and sharing and saving!

Hey- my name appears on the Daily Deal voucher! Are you sure my friend won’t have a problem using my Daily Deal as a gift?
Absolutely, positively, no problem! Our merchants are happy to have new customers so if you want to purchase a Daily Deal for a friend and turn them on to a great place or service, then get your give on while you save!

Is my credit card safe with
Absolutely. At, we take the safety of your credit card details very seriously. At no time is your personal information stored on our system. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. Your credit card information is never shared or stored on our servers.

What if I don’t use the full value of the Daily Deal in a single visit? Unless otherwise stated in the redemption terms, no store credits or cash back will be given for the unused portion of your Daily Deal, so maybe bring a friend along to make sure you get everything you’ve got coming to you….in a good way!

Can I combine my Daily Deal with other offers?
Unless the Daily Deal you purchase states otherwise, they cannot be combined with other offers, specials or discounts.

Is tipping included in my Daily Deal?
NO, your Daily Deal voucher does not include and cannot be applied toward tipping. We HIGHLY recommend tipping on the FULL VALUE of the product or service you receive and not on the discounted value you paid for it. Even though you saved a bundle on your Daily Deal, you are still getting the full amount of service for your dollars so share the love and tip your server or merchant appropriately!

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